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    The Christmas Season Is Finally Here!

    It's the day after Thanksgiving, time to blast that Mariah Carey holiday CD.

    U GUISE - it's Nov 23rd.

    The day after Thanksgiving.


    That means no one can hate on you when you blast Christmas music.

    Or sneer when you devote your time to making incredibly ornate paper snowflakes.

    You can finally wear your favorite Christmas sweater with pride.

    And drink hot chocolate till you get sick.

    Now no one can yell at you for wasting popcorn.

    Or trying to cover everything with tinsel.

    It's FINALLY okay to deck the halls.

    And quote all the holiday movies!

    You can now enjoy these guys without shame.

    Even your grinchiest friend can't complain about the Christmas cookie frosting party you're throwing.

    You can even hype on those dumb bath sets you'll get - because that's 3 less gifts to buy next year.

    So start your countdown clock Christmas lovers of the world!

    And to all those grinches out there trying to bring down your Christmas cheer: