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    Jonny Lee Miller And Lucy Liu Play Whodunit

    Sometimes you just have to know, Sherlock or Joan?

    BuzzFeed caught up with the incredible cast of Elementary during NYCC this year...

    ...and to be honest, it was a completely adorable lovefest.

    This friendship is so real.

    So we decided to put it to the test by playing a round of Whodunit: Sherlock or Joan?

    And there was quite a discrepancy right from the start.

    It got heated. Look at that posh British eyebrow raise.

    But ultimately, their love for each other (and each other's characters) shined through.

    (Although some of these questions, Lucy and Jonny might have been answering as themselves.)

    Because if there's one thing Joan and Sherlock can agree on, it's no CSI in the brownstone.

    Elementary Season 4 premieres Nov 5th on CBS at 10pm EST.