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The 25 Best Jennifer Lawrence Quotes Of 2012

"You should start exercising your vagina."

1. On her almost celebrity sighting.

2. On her disappointment with words.

3. On nervousness.

4. On her vacation to Belize.

5. Bonus: Showing off her special talent.

6. On her least favorite award.

7. On her public image.

8. Showing off her mastery of the art of illusion.

9. On which character she'd like to play other than Katniss.

10. On everyone's worst years.

11. On archery technique.

12. On why Josh Hutcherson is more attractive than Robert Pattinson.

13. On her fitness routine.

14. On pants.

15. On Katniss and Peeta's couple name.

16. On really challenging herself.

17. On her weight.

18. On being a caring co-star.

19. On the human condition.

20. On her finest moment.

21. On the A list lifestyle.

22. On haters.

23. On her personal fashion style.

24. On her media training.

25. On cake balls.