Jonathan Majors Is Clearly The Hottest Man Alive And It’s Time We Talked About It…At Length

    Respectfully, I am looking.

    Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the statuesque beauty of the one, the only, Jonathan Majors.

    Jonathon posing with a peace sign

    You probably recognize him from a lil' thing called "Marvel," where he currently plays the new big bad Kang in Loki and Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania.

    closeup of Kang

    Or perhaps you recognize him from the upcoming Creed III, where he'll be taking on Michael B. Jordan.

    closeup of Majors in a boxing ring

    But what you might not know is that he's been stealing hearts in projects for years, from the delightfully strange Lovecraft Country to indie dramas like The Last Black Man in San Fransisco.

    closeup of Majors's character sitting with an older man

    And — while it's undeniable that he's slowly but surely becoming the most sought-after actor of his generation — we're not here today to talk about his immense...talent.

    Jonathan Majors Reads To Thirst Tweets

    BuzzFeed / Via Twitter: @BuzzFeed

    Oh no, friends! Instead, we're here to talk about the way he fills out a shirt:

    Majors playing with an action figure

    And why he's a "gateway" to being the "Sexiest Man Alive." I mean, he even talked about how he's pretty much already the "Sexiest Man Alive" on pure association while on The Late Show, so we might as well make it official:

    Apparently, Jonathan Majors is the gateway to becoming the Sexiest Man Alive... #Colbert

    CBS / Via Twitter: @colbertlateshow

    Looking at him at first, I was just concerned he'd never find anything to fit across the majestic span of his shoulders, and over the sensuous curves of his arms:

    Majors working out on the beach

    But then I was ensorcelled by his sculpted torso — a sight so spectacular, I can only imagine the workout routine involves some form of witchcraft(?):

    Majors on the beach holding up ropes for a workout

    Truly, look at the range on this man! Serving us red carpet:

    Majors at a vanity fair event

    And "man in uniform":

    Major's character sitting in a leather jacket

    He's even played a cowboy! There's truly a pic of him for everyone's unique interests:

    wearing a cowboy hat and jacket while horseback

    But what got ME so caught up WAS NOT the way his muscles glisten in California's golden hour, oh no, it was HIS LITTLE GIGGLES IN THIS VIDEO RIGHT HERE!!!

    View this video on YouTube

    WIRED / Via

    Because — despite the fact it'd be physically impossible to wrap my arms all the way around him for a good cuddle...

    Jonathan Majors answers on criticism of his masculinity was top tier

    NPR / Via Twitter: @NaturallyChels

    ...I just want to hold him like I'm Shrek and he's Fiona. 😭

    Jonathan Majors loves Homeward Bound 😭 #Creed3 🎙️: @Hectorisfunny

    Nerdist / Via Twitter: @nerdist

    So, in short, thank you for your service in thirst Jonathan Majors...

    Well the great thing about us having a crush on Jonathan Majors is that there will be a Kang for everyone

    Twitter: @AshleyKSmalls

    ...Respectfully, I am looking.