How Well Do You Know Shakespeare?

Can you guess the play from just three panels?

  1. 1. Hint: This play is set in Paris, France.
    1. All’s Well That Ends Well
    2. Love’s Labour’s Lost
    3. Much Ado About Nothing
  2. 2. Hint: The three witches also star in a Doctor Who episode about Shakespeare.
    1. Much Ado About Nothing
    2. The Tempest
    3. Macbeth
  3. 3. Hint: Elizabeth Taylor starred as the heroine of this play in a 1963 movie adaptation.
    1. Julius Caesar
    2. Antony & Cleopatra
    3. The Merry Wives of Windsor
  4. 4. Hint: This play features Shakespeare's most famous trickster.
    1. The Tempest
    2. The Merchant Of Venice
    3. A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  5. 5. Hint: You've probably seen the modernized version starring Leonardo DiCaprio.
    1. Romeo and Juliet
    2. The Twelfth Night
    3. Measure for Measure
  6. 6. Hint: The protagonist has an invisible henchman.
    1. King Lear
    2. A Winter’s Tale
    3. The Tempest
  7. 7. Hint: The parrot in Aladdin is named after the antagonist in this play.
    1. The Merchant of Venice
    2. Othello
    3. Richard II
  8. 8. Hint: Joss Whedon adapted this play into a movie and shot it in his own home.
    1. Twelfth Night
    2. Measure For Measure
    3. Much Ado About Nothing
  9. 9. Hint: The female lead cross dresses to save the day.
    1. As You Like It
    2. The Merchant of Venice
    3. Cymbeline
  10. 10. Hint: Both the female and male lead cross dress to save the day.
    1. As You Like It
    2. Love’s Labour’s Won
    3. Taming Of The Shrew
  11. 11. Hint: The Boys From Syracuse, a musical from 1938, is based on this play.
    1. Hamlet
    2. The Two Gentlemen Of Verona
    3. The Comedy Of Errors
  12. 12. Hint: 10 Things I Hate About You is based off of this play.
    1. Measure For Measure
    2. The Taming Of The Shrew
    3. Julius Caeser
  13. 13. Hint: Tom Hiddleston is currently starring in the lead role in the London revival.
    1. Richard III
    2. King Lear
    3. Coriolanus

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