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    Hi Hello Here's Misha Collins Being Adorable With A Pig

    SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE! In Texas for DallasCon.


    Just look at these cuties!

    Bonus! Jensen with the pig at the Supernatural panel.

    And in case you were wondering why Misha had a pig:

    "Okay, I asked pig lady how it happened that Misha got her pig and here’s the gist. So this lady is training a service pig (like a service dog) and she said every time she watches the show and Castiel comes on screen, the pig gets excited and goes up to the TV. She brought Icarus (the pig) to meet Misha and see if he would react the same way in person. Misha did Cas’s voice and the pig responded! Then Misha sent a secretary to ask if they could use Icarus to crash J2’s panel and of course she said yes. And that’s pretty much why there was a pig.

    Edit: the pig belongs to a women by the name of Allison Smith. And here is Icarus’s blog."

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