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Oct 14, 2013

Behind Tina Belcher's Groan, And 10 Other Burning "Bob's Burger" Questions Answered

The cast and creator of everyone's favorite animated comedy sat down with BuzzFeed at New York Comic Con.

1. Tina's groan is something Dan Mintz does in his everyday life.

Dan Mintz (Tina Belcher): You know, it was, Loren [Bouchard] said to figure out a noise to do for Tina when she’s nervous… I mean, it’s just a noise I sometimes do, like, when I’m driving. I thought I’d just do it for the one episode, but he kept having me do it.

2. John Roberts is always talking about Linda's nether regions.

John Roberts (Linda Belcher): I always make a Linda period joke that never makes it in, it’s always really misogynistic and gross, and then I feel really gross and ashamed.

3. Dan Mintz wishes he'd had Tina's sexual confidence as a teen.

DM: It seems really obvious now, but just, like, the playing-hard-to-get thing took me a while to learn.

4. The upcoming season explores Teddy's deep-seated rage.

Larry Murphy (Teddy): I think that in Season 4 we have at least one episode where there is some — can’t reveal too much, but yeah, things get heated between Teddy and Bob.

5. On possible crossovers:

Loren Bouchard (creator): I’ve got to figure out what the right crossover is for Bob’s Burgers. Sometimes I get nervous because we spend so much time making the show feel real that the second we walk Coach McGuirk [or Archer] across the street, even if he’s a background shot, it’s gonna, like, puncture the reality somehow. But I also have to get over myself, I mean I know that the audience is kinda, "Come on, give me a crossover."

H. Jon Benjamin (Bob Belcher): It’d be nice if he [Archer] drove by or something. It’d be funny if he had like a Dodge Challenger fly by.

6. The best Burger of the Day puns come with a little something extra.

LB: I try not to have a favorite. There’s sweat in each and everyone of them. They're all our beautiful children, and some not so beautiful. I really enjoy the ones where the joke is actually not the hammy sweaty pun in the title but it’s in the thing that it comes with. So for me, in a way, "The Child Molester Comes with Candy" is still sort of the archetypal best Burger of the Day, especially cause it’s so wrong.

7. H. Jon Benjamin isn't good at acting (nicely).

HJB: Archer is much more emphatic and a lot of yelling, I kinda bark out every line. And Bob is definitely more restrained. If anything, I don’t have to act very well for Archer, it’s really easy to do. Loren Bouchard gives me a lot of direction — like, tone it done, be nicer. I think Bob is a nice guy, and that’s actually is really hard for me to play. It is a bit of acting, which I’m not very good at.

8. Jon, would you rather: Linda or Lana?

HJB: Oh my god. Lana. I mean, my god, Linda’s awful. She is awful.

LM: Separate Linda from John Roberts.

HJB: It’s hard to separate it from John Roberts. Although Lana’s got a lot of baggage, and Linda’s pretty positive overall. I might go Linda. Although, Linda is into some serious shit.

9. Having a great guest star is like arranging the perfect playdate.

LB: I try not to get too starfuckery, or too interested in that, partly because I love our cast, and whoever’s gonna come in, I want them to play nice — so it’s more like a playdate, and I get more excited about somebody who I just know is going to play nice.

10. Phillip Seymour Hoffman is the perfect playdate.

LB: Jon is good friends with Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and we vowed to get him on the show cause his kids watch the show. And so that kind of thing, we’ll make it work at some point.

11. The cast of Bob's Burgers are the people you want to get drunk with.

LB: Well, I mean I’ve been getting drunk with Bob for 20 years. Jon and Bob are not that different, and our relationship was born in a glass of Irish whiskey in Central Square in Cambridge. Now since getting to do Bob's Burgers I get to drink with all of them and they all are very serious and committed and gifted drinkers, and they really are their characters as well. So I would not pick a favorite [character to drink with in real life], because I truly get to do that at least two or three times a year, all of them together, and they’re the people you want to be drinking with, trust me.

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