A Definitive Ranking Of Martin Freeman’s Middle Fingers

“Fuck you, I won a BAFTA.” Oh to be behind the scenes of The Hobbit.

29. The “I’ll Fucking Show You Some Fucking Hobbit Hands”

25. The Advanced Fíli Kíli

24. The Expert Fíli Kíli

22. The “How Many More Fucking Dwarves Are There?”

21. The Stereotypical Teacup

20. The “I’m On A Box Bitch”

15. The Escape From Elf With An Elk

14. The “I Know That Stephen Colbert Fucker Is Around Here Somewhere”

13. The “I Found That Stephen Colbert Fucker”

12. The Death To All Spider Secretions

9. The Betwixt That Guy Setting Up Two Ferns

8. The Perfect Beard Height

7. The “I See Into Your Garbage Soul”

5. The Disney Channel Freeze Frame

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