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8 Things We Learned From "The Venture Brothers" Creators At NYCC

Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer tell us what they'd buy from a Venture yard sale, and how their balls feel in matching speedsuits.

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3. Everything Jackson and Doc would want to buy at a Venture yard sale comes with complications.

DH: “The lightsabre right? How cool would it be to have a working lightsabre? Also Shrink Ray! Wouldn’t you empty your bank account to have a shrink ray?”

JP: “I want the hoverbike.”

DH: “What does run on?”

JP: “Hoverillium”

DH: “You’d buy it and then be like I don’t even where to get phosphate fuel? And then the hoverbike’s in the garage.”

JP: “And if I got them [fuel] I wouldn’t know how to superheat them.”

DH: “And it becomes like a Nordic Track, you have laundry over the hoverbike. It reminds us of when we wanted to get in shape and then never did a damn thing about it.”

4. Quiet contemplation is key to the writing process.

JP: ”A lot of not talking until somebody says something and then you go 'OH YEAH, YEAH'"

DH: “Going on the internet and reading mail and then somebody goes 'Alright so I’m thinking….'”


5. The Venture Brothers version of the giant walking eye is way better than the Johnny Quest version.

JP: “The walking eye is like a childhood memory of this ridiculous thing that may or may not have happened. And then we pulled it out and fetishized it and then we went back and actually watched the episode [of Johnny Quest] and it’s not anywhere near as glorious as we remember.”

DH: “It’s like lavender.”

6. Hank and Dean Venture were never meant to be Bart Simpson.

DH: “They have to grow up. You get stuck in this kind of like Bart Simpson lie, if you don’t let them grow up.”

JP: “They had to be people for us to write for them, they couldn’t just be like these dork ciphers who talk like it’s the 50’s.”

7. Season 6 will have a lot of interesting Gary/Monarch tension now that Gary's returned home.

JP: “A prodigal son who will have to demand to be treated like an adult.”

DH: “By someone who is barely an adult himself. The Monarch comes around to the idea that this supporting character is actually a main character, the way we have.”

8. Bonus! Jackson Publick's side gig is voicing all five of Hiram McDaniels' heads on Welcome to Night Vale, and he told BuzzFeed which of them was his favorite.

JP: “Either the gold [simple southern country dragon] or the green [enraged, possibly always connected with the Glow Cloud], those are only ones that really get to talk. I like them for different reasons."