33 Things Only ’90s Hogwarts Kids Will Understand

*takes pet owl for a romantic winter stroll*

1. Taking your pet owl for a romantic winter stroll.


Until that bitch got uppity and unappreciative and tried to fly away.

2. Having a panic attack over your impromptu shitty tattoo in the boys’ bathroom.


3. Trying not to see dicks in Divination.

Warner Bros. / Via nl.harrypotter.wikia.com

IDK, it’s like a real nice doge or something? Definitely not a dick. 1,000% not a dick.

4. Wandering after mythical creatures that could easily kill your frail magical body.


5. Getting schooled by a Muggle-born.


6. Resisting the urge to ban(ish) all men.


7. Marrying your wizard school sweetheart.


8. Being too excited to actually open your letter.

Warner Bros.

9. Realizing Hogwarts runs through your veins.

Warner Bros. / Via mrfranweasley.tumblr.com

10. Getting into fights with your friends.

Warner Bros.

11. Perfecting bitch face.




13. Enjoying some heartfelt butt cake.


14. Dealing with a major vermin problem.

Warner Bros.


15. Learning how to make murder magical.

Warner Bros.

16. Trying (and failing) to make talking hats werq.

Warner Bros.

17. Losing yourself in a good *book.

Warner Bros.

*or chamber, preferably filled with secrets

18. Protesting pink skirt suits.

Warner Bros.

19. ~Managing Mischief~

Warner Bros. / Via reddit.com

20. Putting pure-bloods in their place.

Warner Bros.

21. Getting a rise out of your ~broom~.


22. Getting super emotional about charades.

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros.


23. SPEWing socks.

Warner Bros.

24. Realizing that cats are smarter than you.

Warner Bros. / Via bloodydifficult.tumblr.com

25. Learning to live that #bodypositive life.

Warner Bros.

26. Learning how quickly your soul can leave your body.

Warner Bros.

27. Throwing up in front of the whole school.

Warner Bros.


28. Out stepping Step Up.

Warner Bros.

29. Caricatures of caricatures of caricatures.

Warner Bros.

30. Rebelling with a cause.

31. Struggling to find a place to take a bath with your egg in peace.

Warner Bros. / Via hpfansblog.tumblr.com

32. Crushing pieces of That Bitch Who Must Not Be Named’s soul.

Warner Bros.

33. Partying hard.

Warner Bros.

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