15 Online Games From Your Childhood That You Can Still Play

GPOY: Middle School Edition.

1. Bueno Rufus

Naked Mole Rats. Mexican food. What else do you really need?

2. Barbie’s Swan Lake Game

The unicorn Odette welcomes you.

3. Bikini Bottom Or Bust

If you didn’t spend hours as Sponge Bobpopping bubbles then you basically weren’t a real kid.

4. That’s So Raven Pinball

Most unrelated show to game correlation, but still addictive.

5. Brandy (and Mr. Whiskers): Style Diva

We’re talking about runway style that only kids can create.

6. A Sitch In Time

Personal favorite here. Kim Possible rules!

7. Sticky’s Mix Master

The Proud Family was the best family. Also they had totally sick beats.

8. Lizzie Maguire Dress Up

Even the cartoon version of her was fly.

9. Barbie: Let’s Babysit Baby Krissy

I’m embarrassed to admit that I played this on more than one occasion.

10. Barbie Makeover

Your one shot to prove to your friends that Barbie was hot as a brunette too.

11. Escalator Escape

The Rugrats can even make escalators fun.

12. MyScene (Polly Pocket) Room Makeover

In which you pretended like you were an adult who had a say in what your room looked like.

13. Helga’s Diary

Literally the most poetic shit I’ve ever read.

14. Black Licorice

A way to fight the injustice of not being allowed another piece of candy.

15. Crater Crossing

Oh Sponge Bob, will you never be able to get anywhere without my help?

Via balloonney.tumblr.com

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