Karen Grube
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    • Karen Grube

      It isn’t about the rights of a tiny minority of students. It’s about the right of privacy of the REST of the students. No little girl wants to have some guy watching her while she’s in the shower. No little girl should have to parade herself in front of a guy like that. And no little girl should have her privacy broken in on by some guy strolling into the girls bathroom. It’s simple: If you were born with guy parts, use the guys’ bathroom. If you were born with girl parts, use the girls’ bathroom. Nor should little boys be allowed to participate in girls’ sports. Like it or not, a sports scholarship is still one way young women have access to pay for college. These young athletes don’t need to have their chances at a scholarship lessened because some guy thinks he can get a scholarship by saying he feels like a girl. That very concept alone should get this reprehensible bill booted. I can think of dozens more reasons why this is bad law. And if there aren’t enough signatures to get it on the ballot this time around, there’s still time before November to do just that, and legal measure that can be taken to have this law repealed.

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