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24 Women Who Totally Get What This Whole "Beauty" Thing Is About

It's pretty simple, really.

1. So you want to know how to nail this whole "being beautiful" thing, huh?

2. This loving mama seems to have it down.

3. Because beauty means working hard for what you want.

4. But not being afraid to get silly sometimes.

5. Beauty means glowing from the inside out.

6. Beauty means embracing all the things that make you unique.

7. Beauty means finding success in doing whatever you love to do.

8. And getting out there and achieving your goals.

9. Beauty means being a good friend.

10. It means being brave and resilient.

11. Beauty means finding what makes you happy.

12. It means rocking your look.

13. Beauty means finding your confidence...

14. any age.

15. Beauty means acknowledging the body you were given is HOT.

16. And doing whatever you damn please with that body.

17. Beauty means finding the people who make you happiest.

18. And surrounding yourself with love.

19. Beauty means realizing your "flaws" aren't really flaws at all.

20. Beauty means embracing your inner boss.

21. Or making people laugh.

22. Beauty means being true to yourself.

23. It means embracing your culture.

24. But mostly, it means embracing yourself.

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