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    Posted on Nov 19, 2014

    16 Vines From Ava That Perfectly Sum Up Your Life

    "I just don't care what people think..."

    Ava became a vine sensation after her mom, Katie Ryan, began posting hilarious videos that highlight her daughter's wacky perfection. And thank goodness she did because it's comedic gold.

    1. When you give zero fucks:

    2. When your friend won't stop complaining about being single:

    3. When you're feeling a song:

    4. When you get a haircut and know you look good:

    5. When it's your favorite holiday:

    6. When you're trying to run with the cool crowd:

    7. When you're buying a candle for your mom:

    8. When you want to leave a party early:

    9. When you're having a quarter-life crisis:

    10. When you're giving love advice:

    11. When someone asks a dumb question:

    12. When your friend cancels plans:

    13. When you're trying to impress your crush:

    14. When you're the only one dancing at the bar:

    15. When you let someone in on your beauty secrets:

    16. And finally, when you ate so much food you started to smell like it:

    Check out more of Ava here.

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