16 Realities Every Wine Lover Knows

    A glass a day keeps the doctor away. Right?

    1. You get annoyed at the small portions restaurants give you.

    2. Because your glass at home looks like this.

    3. You start to wonder if your parents raised you like this.

    4. You pride yourself on knowing the best cheap wine.

    5. And when you can afford to splurge* there's nothing like the good stuff.

    6. You consider cheese and wine primary food groups.

    7. This is what your dream vacation looks like.

    Heaven is for real.

    8. You know that a wine buzz is the BEST buzz.

    9. And after your second glass you'll be feeling like this.

    10. Because wine drunk is the happiest drunk.

    11. But nothing in seven hells is worse than a wine hangover.

    12. Your red wine addiction constantly leads to "wine mouth."

    I look like a 8-year-old who likes grape lollipops. -__-

    13. When you eat something without wine, you dream of the perfect pairing.

    14. You rarely open a bottle and don't finish it.

    15. You can count on wine to get you through the rough times.

    16. And nothing cuts deeper than when someone says they don't like wine.