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    16 Realities Every Wine Lover Knows

    A glass a day keeps the doctor away. Right?

    1. You get annoyed at the small portions restaurants give you.

    AMC / Via

    Keeeeep pourin'... c'mon.

    2. Because your glass at home looks like this.

    TBS / Via

    Glass/goblet/bowl... whatever you want to call it.

    3. You start to wonder if your parents raised you like this.

    NBC Universal / Via

    I thiiiink my mom drank a lil' too much while she was breastfeeding.

    4. You pride yourself on knowing the best cheap wine.

    Fox / Via

    Who says I have to spend over 15 dollars?

    5. And when you can afford to splurge* there's nothing like the good stuff.

    *or if your parents are buying.

    6. You consider cheese and wine primary food groups.

    7. This is what your dream vacation looks like.

    Heaven is for real.

    8. You know that a wine buzz is the BEST buzz.

    Fox Searchlight / Via

    9. And after your second glass you'll be feeling like this.

    Netflix / Via

    10. Because wine drunk is the happiest drunk.

    Fox / Via


    11. But nothing in seven hells is worse than a wine hangover.

    12. Your red wine addiction constantly leads to "wine mouth."

    I look like a 8-year-old who likes grape lollipops. -__-

    13. When you eat something without wine, you dream of the perfect pairing.

    Ugh this steak with a Pinot Noir would be PERFECTION.

    14. You rarely open a bottle and don't finish it.

    Universal Pictures / Via

    Um, it's not a problem. I just respect my wine enough to know it's not as good the next day.

    15. You can count on wine to get you through the rough times.

    CBS / Via

    Don't mind me.

    16. And nothing cuts deeper than when someone says they don't like wine.

    ABC Family

    What kinds have you tried? Huh?? Are you sure??

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