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17 Times You Weren't Getting Paid Enough To Be A Server

Excuse me while I scream inside the walk-in freezer.

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1. When your table didn't make eye contact with you for the duration of their meal.

FOX / Via

No, no. Don't worry. I'm just a floating hand that delivers your food.

2. When you said “Hi, how are you?” and got “I’ll have a Diet Coke.”


3. When you had to hover and wait for the perfect moment to interrupt someone's conversation.

FOX / Via

Hi— Um... Hi— Nope. OK.

4. When you had to pour wine for someone, watch them close their eyes, swirl it around, and sniff it.

HBO / Via

I'll just stand here while you have a religious experience. Don't mind me.

5. When you had to clean up after children that weren't yours.!/r/infomercial-spam-this-ketchup-doesnt-deserve-a-spot-on-my-burger-but-it-might-make-a-good-coaster-for-my-drink/445072884021357051

Why are there Tater Tots mashed into the rug? We don't even SELL Tater Tots?!

6. When you had to laugh at your customer's sexist/racist/overall unfunny joke.

Warner Bros. / Via

If you'll excuse me, I'm just going to go stand in the walk-in freezer and pretend people like you don't exist.

7. When 15 teenagers came in and were like, "We'll have 15 waters."

Matten Productions / Via

Get off my lawn!

8. When you thought you were vibin' with a table and then they left you a 10% tip.


I thought we had something.

9. When you knew someone was making up a food allergy just because they didn't like something.


Really? You're allergic to grilled things, huh?

10. When you had to watch people fight over who would pay.

Universal Pictures / Via

How about we settle this and the better tipper pays?

11. When someone left you their number along with a 5% tip.

NBC / Via

You're sending me some mixed signals here, buddy.

12. When you forgot to put in a menu variation and the cooks got mad at you.

FOX / Via

Does this mean I can't hide back here and eat anymore?

13. When your manager asked you to do silverware roll-ups.

NBC / Via

I'll do them, but know that you're responsible for my premature arthritis.

14. When someone you recognized came in and you had to spend the next hour being their servant.

Paramount Television / Via

This is the part where I pretend I don't know you.

15. When your manager asked you to restock dishware.

NBC / Via

I will sort silverware, but I will not carry 47 hot plates from the basement dishwasher.

16. When there was a rush and everyone you work with started hating each other.

New Line Cinema / Via


17. When 27 menu items were 86ed and your customers hated you for it.

Citytv / Via

"Can I have chicken fingers?"

"Sorry, we just ran out."

"Okay. Can I have steak?"


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