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    21 Times You Creeped A Little Too Hard

    It ain't easy being creepy.

    1. When you were trying to take a picture of a hot person to send your friend and the flash went off.

    2. When you were looking at your ex's profile on LinkedIn and realized they would see you viewed it.

    3. When you were staring at someone for way too long and they caught you.

    4. When you liked a person's Instagram from 47 weeks back...

    5. ... or when you favorited that tweet from three years ago.

    6. When you hovered a little too long to figure out what a couple was arguing about.

    7. When your friend caught you trying to read what they were texting.

    8. When you didn't see the light turn green because you were watching the person in the lane next to you.

    9. When you accidentally tweeted someone's name while trying to search for them.

    10. When you refreshed your Instagram "following" page and then clicked on the picture to see what your friend liked.

    11. When you took a screenshot of a text from the person you liked.

    12. When you tweeted at a low-key celeb hoping they would respond.

    13. When you sent a picture of someone you liked to your group text...

    14. ...and when you forgot to delete the picture and found it on your phone weeks later.

    15. When you found yourself looking through your S.O.'s ex's Facebook cover photos.

    16. When you stalked a person you've never talked to on social media.

    17. When you realized people could see that you took a screenshot or replayed their Snapchat.

    18. When someone near you made a joke and then caught you chuckling at a conversation you weren't a part of.

    19. When you knew someone's first and last name before ever meeting them IRL because you saw it on Facebook.

    20. When you brought something up the first time you met someone that you only knew because you stalked their Facebook.

    21. When you couldn't help but google every person you met.