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    Posted on Nov 25, 2014

    16 Times Tumblr Perfectly Described Life As A Third Wheel

    "It'll be fun they said. It won't be awkward at all THEY SAID."

    1. When you could relate too well to this cat's sad eyes: / Via

    Must. Download. OKCupid.

    2. When you were tricked into going to the mall with your "friends":

    *walks five paces ahead*

    3. When you just couldn't escape the situation:

    FX / Via


    4. When you mistakenly went on a road trip with a couple:

    Nickelodeon / Via

    *opens car door*

    *rolls out*

    5. When you realized you didn't even have balloons to keep you company during a night out:

    I'm really trying to find a silver lining here.

    6. When dining furniture was finally adapted to fit your lifestyle:


    "Table for three, please."

    7. When your friends started making out and you had to find something other than them to look at:

    *pretends to tie shoe laces*

    8. When you could predict what your holidays would look like:

    "Happy New Year!!!!"

    *watches TV while everyone else makes out*

    9. When you wondered why there weren't any t-shirts made for you:

    10. When you didn't move quick enough and were captured on camera lurking:

    @suckmykicks / Via


    11. When your best friend started dating someone new:

    12. When you perfected the awkward PDA escape:

    I need another drink.

    13. When you began to find love wherever you could get it:

    Because the pole never has to say "I'm sorry."

    14. When you got assigned the middle seat between a couple on a plane and they didn't want to switch:

    "No it's OK. I like the aisle and he likes the window!!!"

    *couple proceeds to talk over you the entire flight*

    15. When your friend tried to include you and only made the situation worse:

    Comedy Central / Via

    No don't leave! We want you here!

    16. But despite all that, you knew in some way you were the true winner.

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