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17 Times Ellie Goulding Was A Fashion God Among Plebeians

We're not worthy.

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1. When she pulled off this smokey eye and made you run to a computer to try and find a YouTube tutorial to replicate it.

2. When she rocked this middle part and you wished you were that chic.

3. When she wore this jumpsuit and you knew there was good (fashion) in the world.

4. When she was like "I'm just hanging out doing work," and you were like, "Teach me."

5. When she nailed this white and tan outfit combo.

6. When she looked so rocker chic that the chandelier behind her looked kinda lame.

7. When she pulled off a flapper dress flawlessly in 2015.

8. When she looked fabulous even when she was supposed to be sweaty and gross.

9. When she wore this hat and you were like, "I want to be a hat person."

10. Or when she pulled off these high stockings like a pro.

11. When she was like, "Nah, I don't need a shirt to complete my outfit."

12. When she rocked these shoes that made you want to kiss the ground she walks on.

13. When her bug-eye sunglasses made her look like the dopest bug of them all.

14. When she was like, "Just a normal day being perfect."

15. When she was "jet-lagged," which I guess is another word for flawless now.

16. When she wore a bandana around her neck and when you tried you ended up looking like a bank robber.

17. Basically, when she wears anything.