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18 Things You Call Your Mom About As A Grown-Ass Adult

Help. How do I cook a decent steak?????

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1. When you're attempting to cook an actual meal using a stove and raw meat and everything.

I'm not cut out for this life.

2. When you get a flat tire and you know you should probably call AAA and not your mom who doesn't even live close to you...but at the time it feels right.

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The tow truck will be your second call right after you're done freaking out.

3. And when you don't feel like paying the 100 bucks to replace your tire so you want to know just HOW dangerous it is to drive on a spare for an extended period of time.

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Spoiler alert: It's pretty dangerous.

4. When you get a notice for jury duty that's extremely inconvenient so you need to know the chances* you'll get sent to jail if you skip.


*The chances are pretty high.

5. When you're picking a new health care plan and you don't know what the hell the difference is between a PPO and an HMO. / Via

Why are we communicating strictly in abbreviations?! Use full words, people.

6. When someone breaks your heart and you need someone to tell you that you're way better off without them and know they actually mean it.


Just tell me that I'm prettier/smarter/a better human than them.

7. When you're going to a wedding and want to know if you can just give them that electric wine opener that someone gave you for your birthday last week.

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I mean...if the wrapping is still on it...

8. When you convince yourself you're ready to take care of a pet, despite the fact that you can barely afford to take care of yourself.

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And your mom will gently remind you how often dogs need to pee.

9. When you're emailing someone really important and you know your email is *probably* fine, but you just want them to read it real quick.

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Should I sign it with "Best"? "Kind Regards"? "Cheers"? WTF DO I WRITE!?!

10. When you forgot what your glasses prescription is and you need them to find that tiny piece of crumpled-up paper that says it in your childhood bedroom.

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"Yeah, if it's not on my shelf, check the garbage bin."

11. When you have a weird rash on your skin and even if they're not a medical professional, you trust them to diagnose you.


It's red, and itchy, and I need it to go away.

12. When you need their Netflix/HBO Go/Hulu password.

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Sharing is caring.

13. When you can't remember the name of that teacher you had in third grade and it's really annoying you and you won't be able to sleep until you have the answer.

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It started with a G...

14. When you need to know how the hell to check your credit.

Fox / Via

Is there a website? A person I should call?

15. When you're signing a new apartment lease or work contract, and you know they're not a lawyer but you want them to read it anyway.


16. When you told someone you know how to cook something to impress them but you actually have no clue how to cook anything.

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17. When you have an unexpected bill come up, and you know your mom can't help you, but you need to just call and complain about how expensive the world is for a bit.



18. When you realize how tough the whole "adulting" thing is and you need to call and thank them for putting food on the table/having their shit together for you.

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