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19 Secrets Anyone Who Uses Facebook Won't Tell You

How the hell did I end up on my old teacher's cousin's Facebook page?

1. You have one person on Facebook who you NEVER talk to, but remain friends with because their life is super interesting.

2. And one person who you hate, but you remain friends with to screenshot their posts and send to your friends.

3. You remained friends with an ex just to check up on their life...

4. ... In other words, to make sure you're winning the breakup.

5. You complain about Candy Crush invites, but there once was a time you were guilty of sending them too.

6. You have a list of people who you hide from seeing the more ~scandalous~ things you post.

7. If you're single, every time you see someone get engaged you hide them from your timeline permanently.

8. And if you're if a relationship, you do the same every time a single person posts a status complaining.

9. You have at least one friend who is constantly posting pictures of their ugly baby.

10. You *think about* but usually can't bring yourself to delete the people from high school and middle school that you don't talk to anymore.

11. You can't help feel old and slightly frightened every time someone under 15 joins Facebook.

12. You think about blocking that one family member who has no filter when they comment on your posts.

13. And you think about de-friending that "friend" who has no discretion when they upload pictures.

14. You have at least three people you've drunkenly friended after meeting out and now you're waiting for enough time to pass so you can unfriend them.

15. You have one person who is incredibly hot that you constantly check up on.

16. ... And you die inside if this person ever likes anything on your page.

17. You're randomly friends with your friends' family members, but you feel too guilty to unfriend them.

18. Your skin crawls every time someone pokes you.

19. And you've found yourself on a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend's page for HOURS for no reason.