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16 Reasons Your Mom Should Totally Be Your Valentine This Year

Because if you fight – at least you know it won't end in a V-Day breakup.

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1. For starters, if you owe anyone in this world a gift – it's your mom.

I mean, she clothed you, fed you, and gave you unconditional love. So, it's only fair.

2. And through all your Valentine's Days – no matter what your relationship status – your mom has loved you.

It's already the most long-term relationship you've been in.

3. Your mom had your back through all those jerky exes.

And nothing healed your wounds like listening to your mom tell you how much better you were than them.

4. And even if you get in a fight with your mom, it won't ruin the day because you're both total pros at making up.

*five minutes after fighting*

"Want to get ice cream?"

5. Valentine's Day is all about showing the people you love that you appreciate them. And well, your mom IS the best.

6. And if you decide to go out to dinner, chances are your mom will ~insist~ on paying...

Which is great because you're probably broke.

7. Or if you decide to stay in, chances are she will still ~insist~ on cooking.

Which is great because you probably suck at cooking.

8. You mom protects your heart like it's her job already, so you know she's a safe bet for a valentine.

No chance of things getting too screwed up with your mom as your valentine!

9. And even though you didn't realize it when you were a ~teen~ your mom is super fun.

And she's also probably a little bit cooler than you.

10. There's no one else that can boost your confidence like your mom – she's your biggest fan.

You'll be feeling like a million bucks after a good date with mom.

11. And if you're single and bummed about it on Valentine's Day, you already know your mom is great at comforting you.

She's the only person who can give you honest advice without you hating her.

12. No one else knows how to make you laugh 'til your cheeks hurt like your mom.

Partially because she's so dang weird – but in an endearing way.

13. And if you want to turn up on Valentine's Day – your mom probably can hang with the best of them.

Where do you think you got your alcohol tolerance from?

14. Your Mom is the person you can be totally yourself with. After all, she made you the quirky human you are today.

She doesn't love you DESPITE how weird you are, she loves you BECAUSE how weird you are.

15. And if you need some life advice on Valentine's Day, there's no one better than your mom for that.

16. Finally, there is only ONE day of the year dedicated to appreciating your mom, so it's about time you gave her another.

After all, there's nothing better than having your best friend as your valentine.

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