19 Reasons Your College Friends Will Be Your Friends For Life

    They just get you.

    1. You've seen each other at your absolute worst.

    2. And you cheered each other on when you were at your best.

    3. You're completely used to sharing a bed with them.

    4. Boundaries don't exist in your friendship.

    5. You managed to maintain your friendship through the stress of exams.

    6. You get their family drama.

    7. You hate the same people.

    8. You know their dating history just as well as your own.

    9. You don't sugarcoat anything for each other.

    10. They are the best people to pillow talk with.

    11. You aren't afraid of admitting how much they mean to you.

    12. You've lived together.

    13. You're each other's biggest fans.

    14. They're the best people to do absolutely nothing with.

    15. You don't have to hold back from being your true weird self.

    16. Nothing can beat the hours your spent bonding in the dining hall, gaining the freshman 15 together.

    17. You've witnessed each other's terrible decisions.

    18. They would never judge you.

    19. And because over those four years, you really grew up together.