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    18 Problems Every Frequent Flyer Will Understand

    Obviously my flight isn't going to be on time.

    1. Booking a last minute flight means you're getting stuck with a middle seat.


    And the people next to you will probably want to talk to each other.

    2. The person next to you will decide they need to turn on their overhead light and read the moment you're about to fall asleep.


    Nah it's cool, leave it on for this six hour red-eye.

    3. If you're in the aisle, you will get hit with an elbow, drink cart, bag, or a small child.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    I can't win.

    4. When a baby starts crying on the plane, you will spend the rest of your trip wondering why people have children.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    Is that thing too old for a binky?

    5. You know how important it is to get your headphones on before the person next to you wants to have a conversation.

    NBC / Via

    I didn't come here to make friends.

    6. You know if you're sitting in a window seat, the person next to you won't hesitate to lean over for a glimpse outside.

    7. You try to only bring a carry-on bag because you've lost your checked bags too many times to count.


    It was a direct flight, WHAT HAPPENED???

    8. And if your bags DO make it, they're probably the last ones out out, causing you to have a small heart attack.

    CBS / Via

    *looks hopefully as 43 identical black bags come out*

    9. Someone will probably make the entire cabin unlivable by bringing some stinky food on the plane.

    FOX / Via

    I mean, the least you could do is share.

    10. You know if you don't specify that you don't want ice, you will end up with 90% ice cubes in that small plastic cup...


    It's cool, I wanted water anyway.

    11. ... And none of those ice cubes will be able to fit in your mouth.

    *quietly chokes*

    12. You know when the flight attendant comes around with a trash bag, you better throw your shit away quick unless you want your tray table down forever.


    *chugs entire soda*


    13. If you're in the back of the plane, you WILL be woken up every two minutes by someone using the bathroom.

    Guess I'm not going to fall asleep.

    14. You've learned to wear warm warm clothes because you know that thin airplane blanket isn't going to do much for you.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    *turns neighbor's air off while they're sleeping*

    15. The person in front of you will recline their seat. Every. Time.

    NBC / Via

    Come on, we haven't even taken off yet.

    16. And the person behind you โ€“ whether they are a child or a adult โ€“ with proceed to kick the back of your chair the entire flight.


    Just because you can't see my head doesn't mean this seat is empty, OK?!

    17. There will always be that person who thinks both of the armrests are theirs.


    18. And of course you know better than to expect your flight to leave on time. / Via

    I'll see you tomorrow! Well, hopefully.

    And by the end of your trip you'll be like:

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