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    We Asked 13 People How They Felt About The "Netflix And Chill" Craze

    We asked 13 BuzzFeed employees how they would react to the question, "Do you want to watch Netflix and chill?" Their responses were pretty hilarious.

    In case you aren't familiar with the concept of "Netflix and Chill," Urban Dictionary does a pretty good job summing it up:

    And if you've ever been asked this question early in a relationship, you know there's usually some ulterior motives that don't involve Netflix.

    So, we decided to figure out how people react to being asked if they'd like to "watch Netflix and chill."

    1. Some people had their priorities in order.

    2. Other people just really wanted to watch their favorite show.

    3. Some people thought of Netflix as ~baby-making~ time.

    4. Others were just plain down for Netflix and chill.

    5. Some people cut the BS and said what they really thought it meant.

    6. Others reminisced on a better, simpler time.

    7. For some, words couldn't fully express what it meant to them.

    8. Others had some stipulations.

    9. And some people just wanted to watch something that wasn't available on Netflix.

    10. Some people just weren't having it...

    11. ...and some people were REALLY feelin' the idea.

    12. Some people went with the ghosting method.

    13. And some people just wanted to "Netflix and chill" alone.