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19 Things That Still Haunt College Grads

*vomits thinking about jungle juice*

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1. Bottles of the cheapest alcohol you can buy (or pay an upperclassman to buy).

Not pictured: Burnett's, Pinnacle, Smirnoff, Dubra.

2. That lanyard that you never took off.

3. These supercool door decs that you didn't take off.

4. Having plenty of room in your bunk bed.

5. Passive-aggressive notes in the hallway.

6. Seeing hair (that doesn't belong to you) virtually everywhere.

7. Cooking in a superclean kitchen.

8. Only making gourmet meals.

9. Or going to the caf and bingeing on all the cereal.

10. Drinking garbage out of a questionable container.

That jungle juice, though.

11. Getting this receipt after buying your books.

Which you would soon learn you probably don't need to buy.

12. Seeing at least one questionable thing in the hall every day.

13. Putting your laundry in this.

14. Having a cheap fan be your only saving grace from your hot room.

15. Hearing the fire alarm at the most inopportune time.

16. Being a shoobie every time you needed to do a quick run across campus.

17. The drastic measures you had to take when the dryer broke.

18. Going to at least one themed party that required you to wear neon apparel.

19. And obviously crowding into a hot room to play drinking games.

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