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Posted on Mar 2, 2016

Some People In California Claimed They Voted Even Though It Is Literally Impossible

"I voted for...uh...Trump?"

There were primaries in 13 states on Super Tuesday, but as (not many) people know, California wasn't one of them. So, the folks at Jimmy Kimmel went out in Hollywood to see if people would say they voted, even though it was literally impossible.

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When asked if they voted, people not only said they did, but also recounted in vivid detail their "voting experience."

There were some avid Trump supporters who trekked all the way to the imaginary polls to show their support.

And some people went as far as changing parties!!

Things started to get extra unbelievable when these untruthful citizens went along with it when asked if they had to pay at the door...

...or if they got a free gift after voting...

...and if they tried the new "blinking technology*" to vote.

*This does not exist, people.

Congrats, voters! Thanks for doing your civic duty!*

*But not really at all.

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