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New England Needs To Break Up With Snow

We had a good run, but you gotta go.

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Remember the first snowfall of the season?

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And how it made the New England countryside a little bit more beautiful?


Remember all the good times with snow?


But then, things took a turn for a worse.

Snow didn't get that New Englanders just wanted a fling – that this wasn't supposed to last forever.

East Coasters started to feel suffocated.

The citizens of New England fantasized about moving away and starting all over – far away from snow's grip.

Hobbies they used to enjoy were ruined.

No one could walk outside without being engulfed by snow's needy embrace.

It became clear that everyone was putting way more into their relationship with snow than they were getting back.

Now, New Englanders long for the days without snow, when they could run outside, free and without a care.

But no matter how many long talks they have with snow – snow just didn't seem to get it.

Everywhere they go, snow follows.

New Englanders can't help but see snow completely differently. They see it for the ugly monster it is.

Snow and New England had a good run...but it's time to part ways.

I'm sorry snow, but on behalf of all New Englanders: It's over.

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