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31 Gorgeous Tattooed Women Who Will Make You Want To Get A Sleeve

*books tattoo appointment*

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1. This lady is just casually chillin' in a park stealing the show.

2. This girl knows there's no better accessory than tattoos.

3. And this girl will make you want to not only get a sleeve but also the gloves to match.

4. This girl's simple black tattoo will definitely win you over.

5. Those details doe.

7. There's nothing better to work out in.

8. These adorable birds make it hard to take that sass seriously.

9. And these flowers pair perfectly with any outfit.

10. And there's no cuter bathing suit look than one with tattoos.

11. That hint of color makes it.

12. Those geometrics.

13. OK, this mom is a badass.

14. Maybe a simple sleeve is the way you wanna go.

15. Or maybe you're all about the little details.

16. OK, this is art.

17. And this girl just knows how to rock it.

18. She totally thinks you need a tattoo.

19. Check out that polaroid ink action.

20. And these cartoons are just the cutest.

21. Check out the detail in those flowers.

22. Alright, I'm booking my appointment.

23. Hey little baby, you have a pretty cool mom.

24. If my arms will look anything like hers, I'm the first in line to hop in that chair.

25. She's smoking a goddamn pretzel and she still rocks it.

26. This lady is just a whole new level of cool.

27. Not only does she have a full sleeve, she also hula hoops.

28. I need these black and red tats in my life.

29. Excuse me while I try and figure out how a single person is so cool.

30. These designs are too good.

31. And finally, not only does this lady have some rad tattoos, but she also has a adorable kitten to go with them.

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