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Everyone Wants To Know What Chloë Grace Moretz Was Hiding In Those Pockets

Why were her pockets so big? They're full of secrets.

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So Chloë Grace Moretz was living every girl's dream when she showed up on the carpet with her hands in her pockets.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

But everyone really wanted to know what she was hiding in that perfect pocket dress.

Maybe it was one of the coveted LEGO Oscars from the "Everything Is Awesome" performance.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Some people believed she was using her pockets to shelter tiny animals.

Pretty possible, tbh.

Thinkstock / Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Some speculated the Moretz was keeping a little snack in there.

I mean, this year's Oscars WERE missing pizza.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Maybe we will never know what she was hiding in there.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images


But one thing is for sure: Chloe knows how to rock the red carpet.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

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