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17 Huge Emoji Oversights

Justice for tacos.

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1. We still can't flip people off.

2. Gingers are totally unrepresented.

There are still no ginger emojis in iOS 8.3. Poor Weasleys.

3. There's nothing to depict our cold, dead hearts.

4. There are no sports logos.

RT if you think the next iOS update should have NBA emojis

5. No emojis for all the die-hard hockey fans.

300 new iPhone emojis but still none for hockey 😒

6. There's no giraffe (but there are two different sheep).

300 new emojis and still no giraffe? I'm selling my iPhone

7. Huge oversight on all of these:

List of emojis we need to have : - pancakes emoji - middle finger emoji - black heart emoji - squirrel emoji - avocado emoji

8. Justice for hot dogs.

9. And people who just want to hang loose.

10. Still waiting on some cool punk 5SOS emojis.

11. Still no taco emojis (but we do have a sweet potato).

Really? Still no #TacoEmoji?

12. Huge oversight and still no cheese.

Lots of new emojis came out today. Still no cheese emoji. #WIproblems

13. You can't change the smiling poop emoji to gold.

1/98 Let me list all the emojis I’m pissed off you can’t change the color on: #1 pile of poop, #2 all the cat faces

14. No llama emojis.

won't you look at that they added new emojis... BUT NO LLAMA EMOJI i hate everyone

15. We still can't make it rain.

16. Still no square pizza which is just as delicious as triangle pizza!!!

NEW Emojis are out!..but still this🍕 is wrong!😭 We need #SquarePizzaEmoji

17. Oh, and still a couple of huge racial oversights.

So there's no black family emojis... Tf does that mean?🙇🏿

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