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21 Borderline Crazy Things All Close Sisters Do

You're the only person I can completely hate and love at the same time.

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1. You passionately hate people solely because your sister hates them.

Oxygen / Via

I don't care if I've never met them – you've told me all I need to know.

2. You tell each other the honest (probably harsh) truth about any questionable clothing purchases.

Kris / Via

I'm only telling you it looks like shit because I love you.

3. You will break up with someone the moment you realize your sister doesn't like them.

Disney / Via


4. You tell each other the good, bad, and very ugly intimate details of your romantic relationships.

Dualstar Productions / Via

5. And as a result, you'll be rude to their significant other when you know they're in a fight.

E! / Via

Let me know when we're done hating them.

6. You call them when you're scared shitless and walking into a dark or empty house.

AMC / Via

"Hi. No I didn't call to talk. Just stay on the phone until I turn the lights on."

7. And you have no shame staying on the phone with them while you're in the bathroom.

TLC / Via

Flush that toilet loud and proud.

8. You steal each other's clothes without an ounce of remorse.

E4 / Via

And you have no intention of giving said clothes back.

9. And you get incredibly pissed when they do the same thing to you.

The WB / Via


10. You have ugly pictures ready to send each other at a moment's notice. / Via

Miss this face?

11. And you keep ugly pictures of them as blackmail – or just a reminder for them to stay humble.


Remember where you came from.

12. You text each other pictures of complete strangers who you think they would find attractive.

Just don't make the rookie mistake of leaving your flash on.

13. You share inside jokes about your parents.

E! / Via

But if anyone else laughs you get defensive together.

14. You speculate on which of your parents' friends are attractive.

Jurow-Shepard / Via

DILF alert.

15. When you have bad news, you tell them first... so you can practice before telling your parents.


And they act like an ASSHOLE to prepare you for the worst.

(And also because they slightly enjoy it.)

16. And whenever possible, you and your sis try to tell your parents all your bad news at the same time, to lessen the blow for you both.


This is me taking a bullet for you.

17. You send each other pictures of any weird rashes or suspicious moles you might have.

E! / Via

And that shit isn't pretty.

18. You back them up in any fight with your parents, even if they are completely wrong.

Disney / Via

*walks away from parents*

"So you know Dad's right, right?"

19. And you get super pissed when they don't back you up, even if you were completely wrong.

Spyglass Entertainment / Via


20. The slap-fighting you did with each other as kids? Yeah, you still do that, as grown-ass women.

Warner Bros / Via

And the younger one will bask in the glory of finally being able to stick up for herself.

21. They are the only person in the world you can have a blowout fight with one minute and then completely forgive the next.

E! / Via

You're an asshole. Do you wanna watch TV?

Because at the end of the day you'll always be best friends.

Disney / Via

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