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17 Secrets Girls Who Play Basketball Won't Tell You

Ball is life.

1. You look down on the girls who roll up their basketball shorts.

If they don't go down to your knees, you're not doing it right.

2. You hate girls who grab your jersey because they're too lazy to move their feet on defense.

3. You are actually a nice person, despite the nasty things you say under your breath to other players.

4. When you match up on defense, you dread getting paired with the tallest/biggest/scariest looking girl.

5. You've shed tears before about not starting.

6. You conveniently develop an unexpected cough when the opposing team takes foul shots.

But it's not cool if someone does that to you while you're shooting. Duh.

7. You've totally faked being knocked over to get an offensive foul called.

8. Few things are more satisfying than stealing the ball and getting a fast break.

9. When you block someone's shot you play it cool, but on the inside you feel like a boss.

10. Under your pants, your knees are usually bruised from going for a jump ball.

11. And basketball season is one of the only reasons you shave your legs in the winter.

12. You know that getting double teamed when you have the ball is the biggest compliment.

13. Half of the reason you try to win a game is for the celebration on the bus ride home...

14. ... And the other half of the reason is to avoid the scary speech from your coach.

15. When each team warms up it's just an excuse to size up the competition.

16. You run through more nail polish than ANYONE else because it's always chipping off your nails.

Seriously, what's the point?

17. You have constant nightmares of your coach yelling "RUN TO THE BASELINE!"

And they're probably why you never risk being late to practice.

But at the end of the day, despite the all the struggles, ball is still life.