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    This Godzilla-Themed Zipline At An Amusement Park Is Another Reason I Wish I Lived In Japan

    So you zipline into Godzilla's mouth, but how do you get out? 🤔

    This is the Nijigen no Mori amusement park in Hyogo Prefectural Awajishima Park, Japan, and — like almost everything in Japan — it's unbelievably cool.

    But the park's newest attraction might be its coolest ever: a Godzilla-themed expansion!

    A replica of Godzilla destroys buildings under a reddish light

    The full attraction isn't quite ready yet, but the park has decided to open parts of it to the public for this month only.

    This includes a themed museum that will display giant (in true Godzilla fashion) dioramas, movie props, and replicas of the many monsters our favorite green lizard has fought over the years.

    A display of some of Godzilla's enemies amongst buildings

    There's also a restaurant that will serve Godzilla-themed food, which looks way cuter than the monster himself, if we're being honest.

    A menu of monster-shaped foods

    And of course, no theme park would be complete without a gift shop.

    A display of Godzilla-themed souvenirs, including pins, gloves, shirts, and a key chain

    But the best part of the expansion has only been teased, and likely won't be open until the rest of the attraction is done: a Godzilla-themed zipline.

    A rendering of the ride, with Godzilla's mouth wide open and people zipling into his mouth

    And people on Twitter are very excited.

    A Godzilla museum just opened in Japan. Very soon they will open phase two that includes a ZIP LINE that lets you fly INTO Godzilla's GOD DAMNED mouth. This is now the greatest thing in the world.

    If zipline into Godzilla’s mouth isn’t on your bucketlist you need to revise your bucketlist

    one more reason for me to move to japan, so I can zipline into godzilla's mouth twice a week

    They way 2020 is going, I kinda wanna zipline into the mouth of the ACTUAL Godzilla.

    Basically, just another reason why we're excited for 2020 to be over. Japan, we hope to see you (and Godzilla) next year!