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    People Who've Traveled To Europe Are Sharing The Best Things They Ate There And It Has Me Drooling

    Your stomach's about to growl so loud, they'll hear it in France.

    The coronavirus pandemic is still impacting travel, and destinations around the world have different COVID-19 restrictions in place and may be temporarily closed. Always check and adhere to local government policies, and use our content to dream about a future trip.

    We may still be unable to travel too far from home (2021, I thought you would be different!), but that doesn't mean our bucket lists aren't still growing by the day. So to alleviate our wanderlust, we asked the BuzzFeed Community about the best food they've ever eaten in Europe, and — oh boy — they did not disappoint.

    WARNING: This list may cause serious hanger/wanderlust. Read with caution.

    1. Schnellrestaurant Dynastie — Heidelberg, Germany

     A plate holds a huge pile of dumplings and a small bowl of sauce

    "While traveling in Heidelberg, Germany, I ate the best steamed dumplings in my life. Asia-Schnellrestaurant Dynastie is a little gem west of the Bismarckplatz on Bergheimer Str. These were the most flavorful yet delicate pouches of goodness I’ve ever eaten! They’re so delicious I went back a second time during my trip."


    2. La Ricotta — Porto, Portugal

    3. Osteria del Gatto e la Volpe — Florence, Italy

    4. Beefbar — Monte Carlo, Monaco

    A soufflé expands out of a small metal pot sitting on a table next to a small bowl of sauce

    "I dream of the caramel soufflé from Beefbar in Monaco!"


    5. Gran Caffe del Passeggero — Rome, Italy

    A large, flat bowl with a smaller indent in the middle holds a pile of noodles with shrimp, octopus, tomatoes, and basil

    "Linguine allo Scoglio at Gran Caffe del Passeggero in Rome. We stepped out of our hotel to find a place to eat, and this restaurant was right around the corner. Even with all of the choices in Rome, I ate here a second time during our stay and ordered the same meal. Mouthwateringly delicious both times."


    6. The Pancake Bakery — Amsterdam, Netherlands

    7. Reitz — Maastricht, Netherlands

    8. Maison Bonnaire — Montpellier, France

    A hand holds a box full of pastries topped with intricate and colorful frosting and raspberries, in the background is a park with trees

    "This is a regular boulangerie but their éclairs are to DIE for! I kept going back for the raspberry and pistachio and St. Honoré ones."


    9. 28 Church Row — London, England

    10. Angelina — Paris, France

    11. Souvlaki Tou Pepe — Parikia, Greece

    12. Pizzarium — Rome, Italy

    A display case full of different kinds of pizza by the slice

    "It is on a little back street (though there’s a stall in Mercato Centrale too) and is one of the finest pizza places in Rome, which is saying something!"


    13. Le Dézaley and Swiss Chuchi — Zürich, Switzerland

    14. Grazia e Graziella — Rome, Italy

    15. Chez Albert — Bruges, Belgium

    A small box holds a Belgian-style waffle topped with chocolate sauce, a pile of whipped cream, and a small Belgium flag on a toothpick

    "This Belgian waffle in Bruges. OMG my mouth is watering thinking about it."


    16. Bistro Des Augustins — Paris, France

    17. Borough Market — London, England

    A cardboard box is open to reveal a piece of fried fish on top of fries with two closed containers of sauce

    "Fish and chips and homemade cider from Borough Market in Central London. It was my first meal when I landed and my mouth still waters from it."


    18. Nystekt Strömming — Stockholm, Sweden

    19. La Bottega della Gina — Verona, Italy

    A plate of gnocchi in red sauce and covered in grated cheese in the foreground, with another dish in the blurred background

    "Pasta from La Bottega della Gina in Verona. I once saw a BuzzFeed post of where to eat that mentioned it, and I was going to Verona so me and my S.O. decided to try it. OMG! Soooo good. The best pasta I’ve ever eaten. I dreamt of their tortellini for ages. Still do tbh. 10/10 would recommend."


    20. Winkel 43 — Amsterdam, Netherlands

    A plate with a large slice of pie topped with a ton of whipped cream sits on a table with coffee drinks and a vase of flowers

    "If you ever find yourself in Amsterdam you HAVE to go to Winkel 43 and get a piece of apple pie. It’s more like apple cake — dense and moist — and it has a mountain of whipped cream on top. I’ve never had anything like it before or since, and I think about it alllll the time. Sigh. I miss you, Amsterdam."


    21. Ristorante Paradiso Perduto — Malcesine, Italy

    22. Gelateria Dondoli — San Gimignano, Italy

    Four hands hold up red to-go cups of colorful gelato with spoons sticking out the scoops, all in front of the storefront made of old stone

    "One of the years I traveled with students to Italy we stopped by San Gimignano and got the chance to try the award-winning Gelateria Dondoli. When I say eating their passion fruit gelato was the most sensual experience of my life, I am in no way lying. It. Was. Magical."


    23. Valhallabageriet and Bageri Petrus in Stockholm, Sweden

    24. The Orchard Tea Garden — Cambridge, England

    25. Chili and Pfeffer — Vienna, Austria

    26. Cervejaria Ramiro — Lisbon, Portugal

    27. And Restaurante La Boqueria — Barcelona, Spain

    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    Did we miss your favorite place in Europe? Let us know in the comments below!

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