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Tell Us About The Best Food You Ate While Traveling In Europe

Our bucket lists need to know.

If you're someone who loves food and travel, then you probably plan your vacations with your taste buds in mind.

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Food > anything.

And if you've been to Europe, then you probably have at least one story that includes the phrase "best thing I ever ate." Like maybe when you found Paris' best croissants at a little hole-in-the-wall bakery.

Or maybe you had a plate of life-changing carbonara from an unassuming restaurant while traveling through Italy.

Or you sipped on some hot cocoa on a ski break in Switzerland that still warms you up just by thinking about it.

Or perhaps you French fried your way through Belgium and found a hidden gem with the ~ultimate~ dipping sauce.

Although we can't travel right now, we're still looking for the best dishes in Europe to add to our culinary bucket lists. So if you've visited Europe before, tell us the best thing you ate, the name of the restaurant (or café, or bakery) you ate it at, and where you were traveling (and a photo, if you have it!). The top submissions might be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post. Bon appetit!