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  • Is This The Best Song Ever Written About Chicago?????

    St. Patty’s parade, lucky with the ladies…dam our government is shady! We’re going to party like pulaski day, pulaski day!!!! There have been a lot of great songs written about the Windy City but Kidd Russell has truly captured what it’s like to live in Chicago during the summer time! Is this the best let us know in the comments below!

  • Facebook Has A #HashTag Theme Song?

    Facebook Announces Searchable Hashtags! They should adopt this song below in their marketing campaign. In this social media world, seizing and sharing has become a part of; who we are and how we live. “Hash Tag That” is about sharing the good moments in your life and remembering no matter how bad things get to live in those moments. Enjoy this video by Kidd Russell which has is a laid back, guitar driven pop record that has a vibe similar to; Sublime, 311 and Shwayze.

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