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50 Reasons Chicago Is Second To NO City

New York? Psh. It's all about Chi-Town.

Chicagoans don't mess around, so let's get right down to business... NO CITY MATCHES CHICAGO.

1. We are number one in billionaires that started out as big-haired TV hosts.

2. Number one in making the most out of our girth to cheer on our team.

3. And in putting up with some real shit to see these guys play.

4. We are number one in making giant, shiny homages to food.

5. We're number one in handling LSD...

6. ...ESPECIALLY in Winter.

7. We're number one in having a mayor with only 9 1/2 fingers.

8. We're also number one in having a mayor who will take your cell phone on the subway.

9. And number one in protesting him with the cleverest of signage.

10. We're number one in knowing how to make a delicious-looking but also disgusting-looking sloppy Italian sandwich.

11. And creating the juiciest bread to surround it.

12. And pairing it with a delicious chocolate cake shake.

13. We're number one in covering popcorn with delicious cheese and caramel.

14. OH, YEAH... and number one in having the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES hail from our city.

15. We're number one in dealing with some real shit on the CTA.

16. ...and dealing with some really shitty puns.

17. ...and the craziest passengers you will ever meet in ANY city.

18. OF COURSE... we're number one in not messing around with our pizza.

19. We're number one in being the place where Tina became a master...

20. ...and also pretty much every other hilarious person in America.

21. We're number one in Michael Jordans.

22. And Kanye Wests.

23. And Bill Murrays.

24. And Roger Eberts.

25. We're number one in waiting til next year...

26. And praying the curse will break...

27. ...unless you're from the South Side.

28. We're number one in dealing with the harshest winters...

29. ...and in being beautiful even when everybody is freezing and miserable.

30. We're number one in dyeing our rivers a disgusting color because we feel that strongly about being Irish.

31. We're number one in weird art...

32. ...and in fully appreciating that art.

33. We lead the pack in getting obnoxiously drunk and proud at baseball games.

34. We're number one in refusing to call this building anything but the Sears Tower.

35. We're number one in telling people how to eat their hot dogs...

36. Because THIS is what a hot dog looks like.

37. And yes, we're willing to wait in this line for it.

38. We're number one in taking two hours to drive two miles.

39. We're number one in having a hockey team people actually care about.

40. And bars that people have actually heard of.

41. And number one in paloozas with the greatest view of any paloozas anywhere in the universe.

42. We're number one in giant ferris wheels.

43. And streets that you can walk on without tripping over giant piles of garbage.

44. And water that doesn't smell like poop.

45. We're number one in having BEACHES RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CITY.

46. And number one in dealing with the laziest tourists on the planet.

47. We're leaders in having our transport ABOVE GROUND so you dont have to stand in a sweltering cesspool of human sweat and body odor.

48. MOST OF ALL... We're number one in places where people aspire and build and create.

49. We're a city of people who feel like they've always been — and will always be — right at home.