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23 Signs You Grew Up With AZN Pride

"Got rice?"

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1. You had an AIM screenname that had the words "azn," "boi," "grl," and/or "bby" in it.

2. ...and you knew someone who tYpEd LyKe DiS.


Because it was probably you.

3. You remember (and knew all the words to) the "Got Rice?" song.


The song is probably already playing in your head.

4. You or someone you knew sported The Spikes.

Evan Agostini / Via Getty Images

Many a tub of hair gel died for this hairstyle. Also, +1 if you had frosted tips.

5. Hot Import Nights were the biggest events of the year.

Kalvin Chan /
FotoSleuth /

And every Integra-owner knew looking like a true import meant you had to replace the "Acura" logo with the "Honda" one.

6. You still know Tila Tequila as Tila Nguyen from the days you subscribed to Import Tuner magazine.

Import Tuner /
Cindy Ord / Getty Images

7. Everyone had a rice rocket with a FAT spoiler, eardrum-splitting muffler, and the lowest body kit that was street legal (or not).

Sherry Main / Via

And racing stickers obviously meant your car went faster.

8. You followed MC Jin on his seven-battle winning streak on 106 & Park's "Freestyle Fridays."

BET / Via

9. The mixtapes you made for the person you were dating had songs like Kai's "Say You'll Stay."

Geffen Records / Via

10. You wept to Kiss' "Because I'm a Girl" music video.

Entercom / Via

Why didn't he just give her one cornea?! THEN THEY BOTH COULD SEE!!

11. You also felt so cool when you rolled down the windows and blasted this song.

View this video on YouTube

In your Honda Integra, of course.

12. This was your mothership.

Eliazar Parra Cardenas / Via

And crispy chicken chunks were your soul food.

13. Some of the most prideful (maybe you) went and got an "AZN" dragon and/or phoenix tattoo.

istolethetv /
Mark Ou /

14. If you're a dude, it was absolutely crucial that you owned at least one pair of white K-Swiss sneakers and one pair of Adidas sandals.

Adidas /

15. You aspired or attempted to be a B-Boy. But it never quite worked out.

chicchun / Via

16. You spent time in class tagging "Azn Pryde" in graffiti font all over your spiral notebooks.

17. You were more active on Asian Avenue than you were on MySpace.

Asian Avenue / Via

18. If you're a girl, your closet was made up of 50% spaghetti-strap camisoles and the other half was ribbed tanks.

Yesstyle /
Yesstyle /

19. And you either paired them with extremely baggy sweatpants or skintight low-rise jeans.

20. And your hair was only worn one way: down, stick-straight, with stark highlights.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

21. You knew at least one person who suddenly became a "gAnGsTa."

Just Kidding Films / Via

And claimed they were in an all-Asian "gang."

22. Even though you've come a long way, and it might be hilariously horrifying to look back...

*Subjects asked to remain anonymous out of sheer embarrassment.

23. You will forever rep "AzN PrYdE 4 LyFe."

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