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27 Things You'll Never Forget If You Were A Teenage Girl In Taiwan

We're nostalgic too. Especially for our blinged-out cell phones and milk tea stands.

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8. You brought your metal lunch box to school and put it in the steamer until lunchtime.

And that sensation of steam hitting you in the face is something you'll never forget. So many lunches. So pungent (not always in a good way).

9. You spent almost all your free time wasting away in internet cafes...

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Hours out of your week was spent playing games like Diablo and Counterstrike. But not on weeknights. Weeknights, you were probably studying at a cram school.


15. While we're talking music, A-mei is to you what Mariah Carey is to America.

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聽海 is still your karaoke staple.


16. And Jay Chou is Taiwan's answer to Justin Timberlake.

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21. You had a pearl milk tea pretty much glued to your hand.


The rest of the world calls it boba, pearl milk tea, tapioca, but you know it's only true name is 珍珠奶茶. And you drank so much of this stuff, it was basically a food group.


26. Coco Lee's "Di Da Di" was the song that followed you around for months in 1998.

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Even now, the song is so catchy, it'll be in your head all day. You're welcome.