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    Can We All Appreciate How Hot AF Harry Judd Looks In This New Perfume Ad

    Move over, Dougie Poynter. We have a new favourite McBusted star.

    Oh, hello Harry Judd.

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    How are you doing today?

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    Pretty good in our opinion.


    The McFly star is starring in a new spoof perfume ad looking hot AF.

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    The fragrance is Now TV's "Obfleshion" โ€“ a new "putrid unisex scent that mimics the smell of decaying flesh" โ€“ to promote The Walking Dead Season 6, which premieres next week.

    Some lucky, scary lady got to touch him like this.

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    And this.

    And now we're pretty much in love.

    You can watch the full spoof advert here.

    View this video on YouTube

    The Walking Dead will return on Fox at 9pm on 12 October.

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