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Watch Taylor Swift Dance Her Heart Out To Kanye West At The Brits

Literally shake, shaking it off. (And all alongside Kim K).

So we ~all~ remember this cringeworthy moment when Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift when she won a MTV Video Music Award back in 2009.

Well, it took them almost six years but they finally made up earlier this month at the 2015 Grammy Awards.

And now they're so okay with each other that they both attended the BRIT Awards in London on Wednesday night.

From the arena floor: @GeorgeThePoet watches @kanyewest #BRITs2015

And Taylor Swift was there to watch Kanye West's whole damn performance.

Not only that but she danced her heart out to Kanye.

MY FAVS >>>>> your favs

Danced her heart out alongside Kim (!!!) Just look at that slick head move.

It's pretty much everything.