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18 Times Leonardo DiCaprio Out-Leo DiCaprio'd Himself

Because it's his 41st birthday today.

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1. When he glided across the water on a hoverboard.

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2. And casually hung out sipping from a tiny tea cup.

Fameflynet / FAMEFLYNET

3. When he absorbed the sun into his perfect face.

Grpr / Raef-Ramirez/AKM-GSI

4. And looked this happy while running with a water gun.


5. In fact any time he's on holiday he outdoes himself.

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6. But he also reaches peak DiCaprio whenever he simply walks around in public.

7. Or when he turns up to Coachella in disguise.

Leonardo DiCaprio at Coachella 11-12.04.2014 + Video #LeonardoDiCaprio dancing #Coachella2014

8. But particularly when he decides to dance at Coachella.

9. Like the best dad dancer that ever lived.

10. It's a beautiful thing to observe.

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11. So is his movie dancing.

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12. But also so is watching Leo flirt while Justin Bieber dances behind him. As you do.

13. But then he's always lived up to his name, even from an early age.

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14. But especially when he grew this big ol' beard.

Jason Kempin / Getty Images

15. And showed off his big ol' beard and man bun.

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16. Then grew his hair even more and his beard even more and posed with a selfie stick.

Because these things need to be captured forever.
Opa Opa / Opa Opa / Splash News

Because these things need to be captured forever.

17. But the most important time that Leonardo DiCaprio DiCaprio'd the most was when he wore this disguise.

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18. Then tried to eat pizza.

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We love you, Leo. Never change.

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