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    24 Things Beyoncé Does On Instagram That Normal People Couldn't

    Because, quite frankly, we'd look like idiots.

    1. Pose like this.

    2. Dress a child in a customised leather jacket.

    3. Bend over and show off this quite simply brilliant hair flick.

    4. Wear this.

    5. Casually enter a private jet dressed in this.

    6. Have #TBT pictures as glamorous as this.

    7. Share a picture of a birthday cake emblazoned with your name, in front of a sign emblazoned with your name. All while wearing heart-shaped sunglasses.

    8. Casually pose in front of a car like so.

    9. Put this up to mark your 33rd birthday.

    10. Show off your gold-plated beehive.

    11. Stand around with a Chanel surfboard on your back like any old rucksack.

    12. Or spread yourself across several of them for photo props.

    13. Have a family moment quite like this.

    14. And show your love for your husband like this.

    15. Attend a business meeting like so.

    16. Casually float in the sea like you're a mermaid.

    17. Pose with animals that aren't just cats and dogs.

    18. Do this.

    19. Casually have a photo with Rihanna on a night out.

    20. Take a picture of just your legs in these boots.

    21. And pout like this while food shopping.

    22. Celebrate Easter in this way.

    23. Show off your latest mouth accessory.

    24. And this. Just this.

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