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    The Spice Girls Reunited At The Isle Of Wight Festival And Partied To Their Heart's Content

    Well, three out of five did anyway. ♫ Friendship never eeeends ♫

    Oh, just the Spice Girls partying at the Isle of Wight Festival together.

    Great to see @EmmaBunton @MelanieCmusic Isle of Wight.

    Ginger, Sporty and Baby Spice decided to reunite at the music festival and party like it was the '90s all over again.

    #FriendshipNeverEnds @MelanieCmusic @EmmaBunton @GeriHalliwell

    Emma Bunton and Mel C headed there together and hung out backstage.

    While Geri Halliwell turned up with her new husband Christian Horner.

    On way to Isle of Wight festival. Can't wait to see fleetwood Mac . The chain. 😊

    She ran into the Spice Bus and posed with cardboard cut-outs of the girls.

    look what I found in Isle of Wight-the spice bus !@EmmaBunton @OfficialMelB @MelanieCmusic @victoriabeckham

    Before joining them IRL.

    Love my girls! ❤️ @MelanieCmusic and @GeriHalliwell

    And Girl Power was restored once more.

    Emma partied with her broken finger.

    Mel looked cool as she took in the atmosphere.

    And Emma got the party started with a Baby Spice-coloured hip flask.

    Let's get this party started! #isleofwightfestival

    Before having to head into work the next day. 😜

    The Spice Girls partying together is our favourite thing. ✌ ✌ ✌

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