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The Best Of The Internet's Reactions To The New "Star Wars" Trailer

May the lols be with you.

On Friday the moment we've all been waiting for finally arrived: The trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was finally unveiled.

Which obviously broke the internet, even before it was launched.

Star Wars Trailer (spoiler warning):

When the Star Wars trailer arrives I’m going to a toilet cubicle with my headphones & I don’t want to be disturbed for at least 88 seconds.

Full of high hopes.

Star Wars leaked photo from new trailer. #EpisodeVII

Hoping the Star Wars trailer is Vader coming out of his space shower shaking his head, ‘I had the weirdest dream…’

And over excitement.


Then there was a brief panic when the iTunes link didn't work.

More like "Star Wars: The Force Doesn't Have The Right Plugin" #StarWars

Why release a trailer on iTunes. It keeps telling me to install Quicktime. I HAVE LET ME WATCH THE STAR WARS TRAILER FUCK

to get the star wars trailer to play you have to turn off quicktime and use your instincts instead

And then bam... it finally arrived on YouTube and life was made complete.

My face after watching that Star Wars trailer again. I wasn't ready.

I loved the Star Wars trailer but in fairness, they could have just showed the logo for 90 seconds and I would've been excited

Emotions were rife.

After I watched Star Wars the Force Awakens Teaser :')

No, no, no, YOU'RE a goddamned adult nearing 50 and YOU just cried watching the Star Wars trailer. NOT ME. Nuh-uh.

I'm a 44-year-old grown man. Seeing just 88 seconds of #TheForceAwakens has me feeling like the 7-year-old who saw #StarWars in 1977.

Yes. I'm guilty. I have already watch the Star Wars trailer 30 times

And many observations were made.

Mainly about this new robot.

And the fact it looks like this.

new star wars robot identified RT @dylsharpe: It's the jabulani - 2010 World Cup ball


How can anyone be cynical when there's a bloody droid on a ball? What more do you want, you animals? #StarWars

stormtrooper dude popping into cam to make funny face and then some sort of soccer robot is kind of a weird way to start a star wars trailer

Others cracked jokes.

exclusive still from the STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS trailer. the master JJ Abrams has done it again!

Well, I like Star Wars VII, but it's a bit short.

There were of course some moans.

Disappointed that the new Star Wars teaser didn’t have anything about trade embargoes or senate committees.

Very disappointed that the Star Wars trailer features no Jar Jar Binks. Presume it's a fake.

Really dont know what to think of the Star Wars trailer. I've been the biggest supporter of JJ Abrams but I'm worried. Looks very prequelish

But the biggest debate started over the new lightsaber.

Look, I'm really excited for the new Star Wars movie too, but those new lightsabers are kind of overkill.

I'll agree that lightsabre seems a tad impractical. Its cool/ the norm in Star Wars to lose your hands right? #StarWarsTheForceAwakens

Comparisons were made.

I will say that the new lightsabers are a bit too much

Hey @Sethrogen, looks like you guys inspired a new lightsaber.

And a lot of fun was had.

Hang on a minute, who's that behind the tree!? #StarWars #JarJarBinks #TheForceAwakens #NewTrailer

Worst design ever. Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer shows someone doesn't understand the purpose of a cross-guard

I see your Star Wars trailer and raise you a Star Wars carnival float

While other suggestions were made.

What we really need is a lightsaber with three lightsabers coming out of it, and three lightsabers coming out of the three lightsabers.

The first person to cut together a STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS and TOO MANY COOKS trailer gets my infinite and eternal respect.

Yo Dawg, I heard you like lightsabers so we put sabers in yo saber so you can saber while you saber. @starwars

And then there's this. This is just perfect.

Not sure who made this, but, it’s made my morning. #TheForceAwakens