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    Tom Hiddleston And Taylor Swift Had A Dance-Off At The Met Gala

    They're like two drunk dads at a family party and it's excellent.

    Here's Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston at Monday night's Met Gala.

    The pair have a lot in common. Not only do their names begin with T but they also both like dancing. A lot.

    So we were all blessed when they ran into each other during the Met Gala and decided to dance together. Please enjoy these moves.

    Taylor and Tom Hiddleston dancing together during the #MetGala!

    The videos were posted to the Met Gala's and Karlie Kloss's Snapchat Stories, and we're pretty sure this is Tom and Taylor dancing to Beyoncé's "Crazy in Love".

    Taylor dancing to Beyoncé's 'Crazy in Love'! #MetGala


    And here they are giving it some more.

    More Taylor and Tom dance-offs in future, please.