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    Someone Overdid The Photoshop On Kate Winslet's New Vogue Cover

    The actress is almost unrecognisable on the November cover of the US magazine. A little too airbrushed perhaps?

    This is what Kate Winslet looks like on the cover of the new Vogue US magazine. Which begs the question: Is it just a bit too airbrushed?

    This is what she usually looks like. Beautiful and most importantly real.

    Evan Agostini / AP

    Back in 2003 she was also photoshopped to death on the front of GQ.

    The retouching is excessive. I do not look like that and more importantly I don't desire to look like that.I actually have a Polaroid that the photographer gave me on the day of the shoot… I can tell you they've reduced the size of my legs by about a third. For my money it looks pretty good the way it was taken.

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