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    We Need To Talk About Robert Pattinson's New Hair

    RIP R-Patz's locks.

    This is the Robert Pattinson we know and love. With huge, massive, shiny hair.

    But now he's gone for a new look. Be prepared. This is it from the front. Not ~too~ bad you say?

    Tibrina Hobson / FilmMagic
    Tibrina Hobson/FilmMagic

    Okay, this is it from the side. Are your eyes wide enough yet?

    REX/Sipa USA

    Did you notice this kind of tuft at the back?

    Rex/Sipa USA

    Here it is in its full glory.

    Tibrina Hobson / FilmMagic


    Tibrina Hobson / FilmMagic

    What's going on with Robert Pattinson's hair?

    RIP Robert Pattinson's beautiful, beautiful hair :(

    This post was updated to remove a sensitive image.

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