24 Reasons Why The World Needed The All Saints Reunion

Never Ever have we been so pleased.

Our prayers have been answered - All Saints are reuniting to join the Backstreet Boys on tour.

Now here’s why it will make you feel all nostalgic.

1. They were your queens of fashion.

2. And made you want to buy baggy cargo pants and strappy tops.

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3. Even if your mum never got the whole baggy trouser thing. You knew it was cool.

4. You owned a Parka coat far too big for you.

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5. And knew all the words to “Never Ever”. And still do.

So excited that All Saints are getting back together because the speaky bit in Never Ever is the only thing I get right every time.

— catriona (@catrionaface)



So excited that All Saints are getting back together because the speaky bit in Never Ever is the only thing I get right every time.

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6. You were either clueless what the words in “Lady Marmalade” meant, or knew and as a result thought you were really awesome.


7. Your parents did know what it meant and cringed every time you sang it. About 200 times a day.

8. And you ruled when copying Shaznay’s rap bit.


9. You desperately wanted Nicole’s streaky highlights. Because it was the best thing since ‘The Rachel’.

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10. Leo, The Beach and Pure Shores. Thank you girls.


11. Just the sight of this album cover gives you a warm glow.

12. You had your first dance or kiss to an All Saints song. And it was super emotional.


13. You always tried to recreate their photoshoots. Posing in front of a brick wall was the hip thing to do.

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14. As was piling on top of each other at sleepovers.

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15. Remember when Natalie Appleton did this in 2000 movie Honest?

16. Nicole was the coolest though as she not only went out with Robbie Williams but then swapped him for Liam Gallagher.

Getty Images

Getty Images


17. You also inappropriately knew every word to “Bootie Call”.


18. And put extra emphasis on this bit.


19. Somehow they even managed to be stylish while stripping on stage. No Miley or Rihanna-type moans back then.

20. You tried to sing to “I Know Where It’s At” just like this.


21. And you had that rap down, too.


22. Nicole and Natalie made getting on with your sister cool.

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23. They legitimised shoulder-dancing as the coolest form of dancing, a relief to lazy dancers everywhere.


24. And they were quite simply just the best. Welcome back girls.


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Kimberley Dadds is the UK celebrity editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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